Growing Older Quotes

Growing older brings many changes to our lives. These quotes talk about the process of growing older.
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bobolink No one is so old that he does not think he could live another year. - Marcus Tullius Cicero Grab This Quote

times change How strange these changes are, while
  we grow older,
Less capable of coping with the new. - Ronald Bates
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change for the better Changes for the better are often resented. Old boots were once new - and hated. - George Iles Grab This Quote

growing older together Our madcap youth is over,
Gone its unclouded skies.
And you and I, O Lover,
Grow old and staid and wise. - Norah M. Holland
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age I've reached an age when I can't use my youth as an excuse for my ignorance any more. - Janet Bonellie Grab This Quote

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