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We would love for you to link to our site. You can do this in a number of ways.

METHOD #1: you can grab any of the quotes on this site, by clicking on the "grab this quote" link next to the quotation. This will take you to a page that will give you instructions on how to link to the quote that you selected.

METHOD #2: You can link directly (also called hotlinking) to any of the graphics on this site. In this respect we are different from other websites that tell you not to do this because it wastes their bandwidth and increases their web hosting costs. The reason we allow you to hotlink to us is that we have so much excess bandwidth capacity with our hosting plan that someone may as well use it.
    To link to a graphic you can use this format <img src="">
In the above example, you would replace "directory-where-the-graphic-is-found" with the actual directory as shown on your web browser's address bar. You would also substitute "graphicname" for the actual name of the graphic as used on this site. To find out the name, move your browser on top of the graphic and click your mouse's right button, and then select properties. This will reveal the name of the graphic that you are linking to.

METHOD #3: Grab our RSS/XML Feed. You can display a feed of our quotes on your site or for example on your "My Yahoo" account by linking to our xml feed of birthday quotations. If you choose to display the feed on your site you will need to install special software on your website such as RSSEqualizer or a similar product.

METHOD #4: Link to any page of our site. Here is an example: <a href=" ">Birthday Quotes</a>

In the above example, you would substitute the actual directory and page name that you wish to link to. You can find out the address of the page you wish to link to by navigating to the page on our site and then cutting and pasting the address that displays in your web browser's address bar.

METHOD #5: Link to to our main page using the following example: <a href="">Funny Birthday Quotes</a>


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