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Terms of Use

Terms of Use
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Terms of Use

By accessing, viewing, downloading or in any way using any content on this web site (http://www.bdayquotes.com") or any portion thereof, including, but not limited to graphics, quotes, text, html code, and links, you acknowledge and agree as follows:
  • The quotes and information presented on this website or any portion thereof are for entertainment purposes only and the publisher of this website and its content gives no express or implied warranty of fitness. The information presented on this website (including each individual quote, or the quotes collectively) are presented as is, and no guarantee or representation is made that the quotes, individually or collectively, are accurate or attributed to the correct individual.

  • Site design (including html code, and css code), quote compilation, and graphics are copyrighted and owned by the publisher of this website. You may not copy, repackage, redistribute, or use any portion of this web site except as expressly permitted under the terms of use.

  • You may link to our site in any way you wish. You may link directly (hotlink) to any image on our site. You may use any of the quotes on this site on a website, blog, or myspace account provided that you link back to us somewhere on your site and that the link you provide is a standard HTML link which can be followed by a search engine spider.

  • You acknowledge and agree that the images on this site are unrelated to written content and are for entertainment purposes only.


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